Welcome to Horse Riding Holidays in Poland home of professional organized holidays for families, adults and teenagers. Many companies offer Horseback riding holidays, but we believe that we offer most professional organized ones. Why?

Our riding bases are professional venues certified by Polish Equestrian Federation - and always have:

  • Indoor riding area min 40x20m
  • Fenced outdoor riding area min 1200sq. m.
  • Minimum of two horse riding instructors certified by Polish Equestrian Federation (PEF)
  • Minimum one of the instructors has to be a sport coach licence holder - we can provide any level of horse riding coaching. Come and improve your riding, jumping or dressage skills.
  • Opportunity to take exam for PEF awards (badges) - see details below.
  • Minimum of a 20 own horses
  • Place for at least 10 guest`s horses
  • A lot :) of a land min. about 1000 acres
  • The resort should have opportunities to organize trial rides . Opportunity to tour the area has to be guaranteed by the contracts with the owners or administrators of the surrounding areas - the municipality, forestry, etc.
  • We never hide anything - you can see everything in our galleries. All pictures and video clips are real!
  • Excellent polish home made food.
  • Always friendly family atmosphere.
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